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Facilitating the natural

self-healing desire of the body

is a great way to ensure

long-term change

Services that match your needs

At our clinic you will be able to choose if you are wanting a guided program with the comprehensive consultation and follow up from one of our practitioners, or simply to receive a treatment from our selection or therapies, or perhaps you are only interested in taking one of our speciality tests.

Whatever your choose, we are here to support you.

Wholistic Assessments


Functional Physiology:

* Darkfield Microscopy

* Heart Rate Variability / ANS

* Digital Meridian Imaging

* Reba Testing

* Basic Terrain Analysis

* Urianalysis & other In-Clinic Tests

Outside-Clinic Lab Tests

Hands On Therapies






Scenar Therapy

Sound Therapy

Segmental Therapy

Oral Biotherapeutics


Complex Homeopathics

Bach Flowers & other Essences



Herbal combinations

Tissue Salts

Orthomolecular Supplements

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