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Miramas Health is accepting new patients at the clinic.


Complete the New Patient Request online form, on this page.


You will be contacted by one of our staff to confirm the request and inform you of the next steps.

Miramas Health utilizes electronic health records, so each patient will be set up with a personalized patient portal which will manage all questionnaires, documents, secure messages, appointments, and more.  


Once you become a patient you will be invited to join the patient portal and all future correspondence will be initiated through the portal.

We are here to help the patients, that are ready and willing to be healed.

Our process is very transparent in order to be clear on our expectations of the patient, so that the patient is aware of what they are signing up for.


As an example of this philosophy, we will only accepts patients that submit themselves unless it is the parent of a child, bringing the child that is under age of consent.  Even then, we strongly suggest that the parents also become patients.  This means that we won’t allow someone to make an initial appointment for their spouse, sibling, neighbour or friend.  The person who needs the help, must initiate the call for help.  Also, we require that patients have read through the website and completed their intake forms prior to the appointment.  Patients need to understand that this is not an approach that is a quick fix, but it is a transformation process.

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