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Appointments with Loretta Kershaw, MD(CU),DHM


Loretta is extremely committed to the patients and puts her focused energy and resources into each patient. There will be a combination of oral remedies, body work treatment, consultations and tests throughout your program.


The Initial Health Evaluation is the required first step for all new patients and returning patients who have not visited the doctor in two years.

The purpose of this initial health evaluation is for Loretta to better understand the patient’s case and history as it relates to their current health issues. During the intial consult, Loretta will perform an interrogatory and various clinical tests to assess the current state of the patient, the nature and extent of the health issues, and how the body is coping with them.


The combination of assestments that we have at the Miramas Health Clinic are not typically performed by the traditional health care system and the tests will allow Loretta's insight into the state of the patient.At the conclusion of the evaluation Loretta will suggest the appropriate remedies (or therapies) for establishing a balance and supporting the body. These remedies may be functional, homeopathic, essences or some combination.This is also a time for you, the patient, to ask questions that are related to your health history and understanding of it. 


Follow-up consultations, if needed, are scheduled at the end of the current session, with exception of the first few visits. As a new patient it is critical for the doctor to observe the intial few months of therapy and therefore 2-4 consults are suggested to be scheduled in advance. Depending on your situation, follow-up consults may be done over the phone or on Skype. This is something that needs

to be discussed and agreed with the doctor ahead of time.


Loretta usually introduces some form of psychosomatic or  emotional relief therapy. The most commonly used is the PSE therapeutic system using the REBA equipment. This is based on the awarness that behind a chronic condition there is an underlying unresolved event or stress.



An aligned spine will accelerate the healing process by liberating the nerves and nourishing the internal organs.

  • Visits to chiropractors, osteopaths, craniotherapists, etc is encouraged.


Some habits like drinking pop, smoking, excessive alcohol and fast foods will worsen health issues and will block healing.

  • Continuing these habits while doing a wholistic treatment will be a waste of time and money.


We live in a toxic world. Even the purest of people will be exposed to some form of toxicity in their lives.

  • Because any chronic illness has a depletion of nutrients and an excessive toxic load, Bioregulatory Drainage is an important component of the Miramas regime.


We all have different nutritional needs.

  • There is not one perfect diet for everybody so each individual is evaluated according to their metabolic need.


Dental health is also a main component of our wellbeing.

  • We suggest metal free dentistry and proper oral health.


It takes time to get chronically ill, healing takes time too.

  • Be patient and optimistic; It will help tremendously.

A multi-faceted approach
Preparation for your appointment

It is a pleasure to provide the guidance and support to those who are ready to start on that journey towards healing. We have numerous success stories, and on occasion we have witnessed nothing short of miracles at work. We do encourage patients to come to their appointments early, we open at 9:00am and always have water and tea available. We also ask that you respect the fact that the Miramas Health Clinic is a place of healing.


With this in mind we offer the following suggestions;


  • arrive at least 10 minutes before appointment time to give you time to unwind


  • take off your shoes at the front entrance (we provide slippers or you can bring your own)


  • do not wear any strong perfumes or scents


  • remember to turn your cellphones off


  • bring some quiet activities if you are bringing children


  • come prepared to discuss your case and have any questions ready

The greatest factor that determines the success of Miramas Homeopathic & Bioregulatory Medicine is the involvement, attitude and willingness of the patient.  Therefore, at Miramas Health, we are less concerned with the type of condition that is to be  treated, and more concerned with the type of patient.


The ideal Miramas Health patient will...


  • Understand that the complexities of health are interwoven between layers of physical, emotional and spiritual paths.


  • Be ready to put themselves first. The patient needs to feel that he / she deserves to be healthy and is ready to receive the help necessary to regain health.


  • Recognize that there are blockages to change and unexpected consequences to getting better and it will likely affect other people in their world as well.


  • Realize that there must be change in order to improve. That living, thinking and acting a certain way may have made you ill.


  • Healing is a process that takes time and commitment. Realize that the road to health will be more challenging than you think. Be prepared to be committed to change for at least one year.


  • Be prepared to work and be actively involved in the treatment process: read, pray, meditate, learn, record, love, and keep Loretta updated.


  • Be willing to work with and trust Loretta; accept that this relationship requires honesty and faith. If she recommends one of her associates or some lab tests, that is done for a reason. Understand that there is a higher purpose to the process, not questioning the validity of every technique.

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