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PsychoSomatic Energetics (PSE)


Psychosomatic Energetics is a wholistic and comprehensive assestment and therapy which uses uniquely formulated  homeopathic remedies, used as a support therapy to treat unresolved subconcious trauma and psychological pain. It helps to break through deep-seated emotional issues and energy blockages which are often causative of dis-ease.


Many health conditions can improve by the helps of PSE remedies and a person again feels a resurgence of joy and vitality in their life. According to two clinical studies in Germany, covering a broad range of health challenges, the long term positive outcome of this method was over 80% successful for those who completed the program as recommended.


PSE was developed in Switzerland by Dr. Reimar Banis. At the Miramas Health clinic this can be provided in its classical form, or it can be combined with other assestments and therapies in the Miramas Health Program.

How it works

It is the aim of any energetic healing method to find energy imbalances and then to rebalance these energies.  Only if our energy levels are high can we maintain and regain health in the long run.Psychosomatic Energetics enables you, to measure the subtle energy-field of the body very precisely.  The subtle energy-field can be tested indirectly on different levels. Figures of 100% mean optimal health, 50% average, and figures below 20% represent a very poor condition of the energy.


The energy levels are frequently disturbed by deeply unconscious emotional conflicts.  Hidden emotional problems will activate and alter the functions of the Autonomic Nervous System that inervates each and all cells of the body and lead to energy blocks.  This leads to malnutrition on the body’s cells, resulting in pains of various kinds and a tendency to fall ill.  As soon as an autonomic segment or chakra doesn’t function properly, somatic pain or discomfort in the respective ‘segment’ of the body can result, among other symptoms.  


Every person has inherited or adquired weak points (locus minoris resistentiae or place of least resistance) that are more likely to fall out of balance than other.  On the other hand, the soul tries to express itself through the organs in order to demonstrate its needs by talking ‘organ talk’.  (E.g. Irritated intestines are usually seen in cases of somatized fears).  With the help of Psychosomatic Energetics we can find these conflicts in a very short time.  We will only find conflicts that are producing acute symptoms, and therefore need our attention. 


What to expect

The results of the therapy are experienced within weeks or months, depending on the illness.  In children, the results may come more rapidly.  Patients may experience lively dreams with the treatment and some experience sweating or diarrhea – which are signs of emotional cleansing.

When people get rid of the conflicts, most of them find that they feel so much better, tolerate much more and achieve a greater sense of self-confidence.  Many illnesses disappear and they feel a resurgence of joy in their life.

How long is each session?

A typical session usually takes about an hour. A session includes:

  • finding the person's energy profile

  • localizing the blocked chakra and associated conflict

  • determining the size of the conflict and the duration of treatment

  • finding the helpful remedies.


Once the current conflict is localized, it is treated by given the apropiate homeopathic remedy over a time span between 6 weeks to a few months depending on the size and intensity of the conflict  The complex homeopathic remedies are specific for each chakra and conflict. Only one conflict is found (based on subconcious timeline) and treated at a time making the therapy a very gentle "psychotherapy by drops".


How long does treatment take?


As the active conflict is dissolved out of the person's energy system, the next, dormant conflict becomes active and can then be localized and treated. In a way it is like peeling an onion.Only one layer is peeled at a time, and the next layer becomes visible only after the outer layer has been removed. In some cases, treatment can last for two years or more. 


A person usually carries five to seven main conflicts, and ideally a person should aim at finding what PSE therapists call a Central Conflict. Which is something like a primary event in a person's life that has had an intense effect on the person's psyche and body functionning.


How fast this Central Conflict is found will determine the length of the therapy.




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