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A health professional who formulates and dispenses compounds for medicinal purposes

A health store that specializes and serves a niche clientele

Health Boutique

Loretta Kershaw is a registered homeopath and as such often creates customized remedies on an individual basis for her patients on site.

Patients generally purchase their compounded homeopathic remedies immediately after a consultation. However, it is possible to request refills (or the next set in a series) of these remedies for delivery or pick up at the clinic.  


Orders for can be made in person, over the phone or on the online store by patients with an account.

Miramas has a collection of health products that were hand picked by the founder.  

  • Natural health products (with NPNs)

  • Healthy living items

  • Jewelry

  • Resources 


These goods are available to the general public, meaning that you don't have to be a patient to purchase.  


They do include many one-of-a-kind hand made products and will not all be for purchase on the online store.

Online Store coming soon
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