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The Miramas Health approach requires active involvement from the patient.


This might sound odd but - healing usually requires some effort.


We have observed that the patients that do best, are the ones that follow their individualised program.. It's not always easy to remember to take your remedies and make appointments, but it is necessary.

We do put a lot of effort into our programs, each patient is treated as an individual – in fact we treat everyone as if they are family.  So we want you to succeed, we want you to get better. 



We are here to help the patients, that are ready and willing to be healed.


Our process is very transparent in order to be clear on our expectations of the patient, so that the patient is aware of what they are signing up for.


As an example of this philosophy, we will only accepts patients that submit themselves unless it is the parent of a child, bringing the child that is under age of consent.  Even then, we strongly suggest that the parents also become patients.  This means that we won’t allow someone to make an initial appointment for their spouse, sibling, neighbour or friend.  The person who needs the help, must initiate the call for help.  Also, we require that patients have read through the website and completed their intake forms prior to the appointment.  Patients need to understand that this is not an approach that is a quick fix, but it is a transformation process.

"Dr. Kershaw really does care about me as a person... she really is interested in knowing how I am doing and gets excited about my progress. Never does she throw up her hands and say I told you so - quite the opposite she is understanding and compassionate. I feel like she is someone on my side along for the journey"


We understand that effective learning is more than just getting information. It happens when the information hits home intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – when it takes on personal meaning.


The more that people understand their bodies and the mechanisms that cause illness and wellness, the more committed they become to pursuing and embracing wellness, the faster & whole the recovery will be. 

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