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About Loretta Kershaw


Loretta Kershaw is a Cuban trained Medical Doctor, who has studied and researched integrative and natural medicine therapies for over 20 years. She also studied and got certified as a Naturopathic Consultant and Homeopath in England but she works in Canada as a Registered Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine and Bioregulatory Medicine Practitioner.


Her interest in homeopathy led her to specialize in homotoxicology (trained in Germany & Canada) and European Biological Medicine (trained with Paracelsus Institute of Switzerland). During this time, she gained knowlegde in pleomorphism according to Enderlein, classical darkfield microscopy, metabolic nutrition, biofeedback therapies and various forms of biopuncture.


To complement this functional understanding of the body, she has also studied the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunological relationship. She has studied biomedical acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, Swedish relaxation massage, iridology, sound therapy, among others. Additionally, Loretta has attained the highest level of training in Psychosomatic Energetics,

from its International Academy and she is now a certified instructor for its three levels in North America.


Back in her native country she is an associate professor for Post-graduate medical studies at the Department of Natural & Traditional Medicine in the health care system, plus she is a member of the Cuban Foundation for Man and Nature and an avid supporter of ecological and social projects. As a result of her efforts she was granted International Commissioner and Doctor of Missionary Medicine for the World Organization of Natural Medicine, and was given their Order of International Ambassadors.  More recently she founded and is the past-president of the Canadian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine. She is also the vice-president for the Homoeopathic Society of Alberta.



"Miramas Bioregulatory Medicine is the child that was born after years of studying and researching but it's essence is due to the years of observing and learning from the best teachers, the patients."


Loretta is always looking for ways to improve her understanding of the balance between health and disease in order to provide a more caring and comprehensive support to her patients.

"I was born in a family of health care professionals. My grandfather had founded and owned the only private lab in our city before Castro took over and nationalized all businesses.  He was asked them to found the first government operated municipal laboratory which he did becoming the mentor to so many professionals. Years later my mum became the first  woman to be the city's laboratory director. Later on the Minister of Health hand picked her to train internationally on the AIDS microbiological diagnosis and to incorporate this system into the country's lab diagnostics.  So, the lab, it's microscopes, peri dishes and white coats became my second home.

Medicine has always felt like second nature to me. What I do in my practice feels not like a way of living but a way of life."


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