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Integrative Homeopathy

Loretta's Miramas Health therapeutic system has its own unique approach to integrated medicine. This approach is a different model than the traditional health care and it requires a different way of thinking about health. It can be used as a framework for those that are prepared to change their health and their lives.

All diseases have a purpose and symptoms are not ‘to be destroyed’ but rather they indicate there is an imbalance in the system and provide a clue as to where to begin.

Most illnesses or diseases are treatable. There is variation into the depth of the condition (surface, organ, cellular) and the complexity of symptoms (based on the rigidity of the cellular matrix among other factors) which will influence the techniques used and the length of the therapeutic program.

The body is dynamic and closely linked to the mind. 

"A holistic therapeutic approach shouldn't depend only on the type of products used nor the type of assessments. It should incorporate the notion of when to use the products according to the body's hierarchy of needs and state of health."

New Patients 


Request this consultation through an online form at Miramas Health


Prior to your initial visit

  • Complete the initial intake form

  • Bring the names and doses of all medications, vitamins and supplements you are taking

  • Bring copies of blood work or imaging you’ve had done in the last 12 months

  • Bring names and phone numbers of all doctors and health care providers you are currently seeing


Your Naturopathic initial visit (1-1.5 hrs):

We will review your intake form and your concerns will be discussed
in greater detail. This will include discussion of current health concerns, previous health concerns, family medical history, personal medical history (review of systems) and other health-related questions. A concern oriented physical exam may be performed if necessary. Lab testing may be ordered, or if you have had lab work done elsewhere we may order a copy of the results from your doctor’s office. Treatment will begin upon completion of your initial visit and will be built upon in subsequent visits.

Existing Patients 


Can book a follow up consultation through the existing patient portal.

Subsequent visits (15 minutes - 1 1/2 hour):

These are scheduled as according to the plan given at your initial visit or on an as needed basis. They are for the purpose of continued growth and learning, tracking progress, evaluating effectiveness of current treatment plan, and making adjustments as necessary. New concerns will be addressed, as well as health optimization.

Most extended health care plans offer coverage for visits to a Homeopath. You will be required to pay for your appointment at the time of your visit and can then submit your invoice to receive a reimbursement from your insurance company.

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