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Miramas Health Group

Providing and promoting integrated homeopathy and bioregulatory medicine

Miramas Health is a private health care company in Alberta, Canada that advocates an integrated homeopathic and brioregulatory medicine approach to healthcare. Our goal is to help return the body into a balanced state by identifying and treating the causative factors, or energy blocks that might be present during a health issue, and allow self-regulation to work again.

Located in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  The Miramas Wellness Centre includes a clinical practice, an on site health boutique and a homeopathic apothecary.

Provides web access to our products for shipment or pick up at our Wellness Centre.


The general public can purchase retail health goods.  While patients are also able to request customized remedies.

Miramas Health specific content regarding education and training, resources, and reference material.  Plus information on joining our professional network, plus learn about the chance to internship at the clinic.

Health is not simply the absence of disease, health involves a component of vitality, thrive and “joy of life” 

Loretta Kershaw

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