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Becoming a Patient

We are happy that you are here, and considering taking a step towards healing.  Please consider that this requires your participation and commitment to changing.  


The next steps are as follows: 


Complete the online contact form, at the bottom of this page, to indicate your interest in becoming a patient.


You will be contacted via email to complete an online intake form.

We are here to help the patients, that are ready and willing to be healed.

"Loretta Kershaw really does care about me as a person... she really is interested in knowing how I am doing and gets excited about my progress. Never does she throw up her hands and say I told you so - quite the opposite she is understanding and compassionate. I feel like she is someone on my side along for the journey"

Miramas Health utilizes electronic health records, so each patient will be set up with a personalized patient portal which will manage all questionnaires, documents, secure messages, appointments, and more.  Once you become a patient you will be invited to join the patient portal and all future correspondence will be initiated through the portal.

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