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What is Miramas Bioregulatory Medicine?


Miramas Health has its own unique approach to integrated medicine. This approach is a different model than the traditional health care and it requires a different way of thinking about health. It can be used as a framework for those that are prepared to change their health and their lives.


All diseases have a purpose and symptoms are not ‘to be destroyed’ but rather they indicate there is an imbalance in the system and provide a clue as to where to begin.


Most illnesses or diseases are treatable. There is variation into the depth of the condition (surface, organ, cellular) and the complexity of symptoms (based on the rigidity of the cellular matrix) which

will influence the techniques used and the length of treatment program.


The body is dynamic and closely linked to the mind. 

The Miramas Health Approach has evolved out of the following basic principles:


  • Healing starts by loving ourselves and deeply wanting to heal.


  • The body does try to heal itself; it does try to return to a state of balance.


  • All illnesses have to some degree an emotional component.


  • It takes a multidisciplinary approach and effort from the patient for lasting healing to occur.


  • Every cell in the body is connected and communicates with each other through a complex web-likestructure called the ground substance.


  • The health of an individual extends beyond the body to include the condition of the working and living environments and key relationships.

Regulation means reaction, which means adaptation, which means constant change. 


The body is dynamic and constantly seeking to regulate itself.  We are only as healthy as our body’s ability to regulate.  Being dynamic and adapting means we are healthy.   


The opposite is stagnation, rigidity, death.

"I have never known a practitioner more 'all encompassing' than Dr. Kershaw. Visiting with her means I don't have to travel to visit  many other therapists separately, because she has that background and brings them together in a way that none of them can individually."


Current Patient

A multi-faceted approach 


We know that different health techniques work on different levels of the body and that ultimately, the best approach to health is an integrated solution that works with the body rather than against it. While the majority of Miramas oral therapies will be based on Comprehensive or Complex Homeopathy, we use and integrate other therapeutic techniques and modalities for a more holistic and effective systemic approach. The power is in working with the interaction between the treatments & the body and knowing when to use which technique & for how long.

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