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Miramas is made by combining two spanish words: Mira (Look) and Mas (More).


The concept was created by Dr.Loretta Kershaw in 1998 as a way of encouraging people to seek beyond what it's obvously seen with their health concerns. To look beyond the physical discomfort.


Miramas was formaly incorporated in Alberta in 2004 and the Miramas Health Clinic opened in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as a private integrated natural centre offering different health modalities.


The clinic moved to its current location - in the countryside just 20 minutes east of Edmonton  - in 2008 focusing more in bioregulatory drainage and psychosomatic health & wellbeing.


Our goal is to help return the body into a balanced state by identifying and treating the causative factors, or energy blocks that might be present during a health issue, and allow self-regulation to work again. Specializing in Psychosomatic Health and Bioregulatory Drainage we strive to understand the patient as a whole, in context of their family, society and environment. We notice great success with patients that want to work on the psychological as wel as the physical aspects of their health condition.

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